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You may not be a movie star but you can still sleep like one!

We spend a staggering third of our lives in bed. Whilst we spend hundreds of dollars trying to improve how we look during the day, there are 6-10 hours during the night (depending on how long you sleep) where you could be helping your skin and hair with no effort at all. Celebrities have been using this secret for years and hairdressers swear by it – sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Yes, it sounds too good to be true but we tried it for just a week and are already hooked!

No more bed head!

Silk pillowcases are undoubtedly gentler on your hair than cotton. Cotton causes friction or roughing up of your hair as you move throughout the night causing the dreaded ‘bed-head’ and mess in the morning. Silk is gentle on your hair giving it a slippery surface to glide across. The result – not only will your blow dry last longer but you’ll wake with smoother hair needing less brushing, less styling and most importantly less tangling and breakage which leads to damaged hair.

Minimizes sleep crease

Ever woken up with sleep crease and lines on the side of your face? Whist they disappear throughout the morning, over time they will translate into wrinkles. Silk pillowcases not only allow the skin to glide over the pillow reducing lines, silk helps keep moisture close to your skin and therefore stay more hydrated.

Silk pillowcases prevent facial skin from creasing during the night. Silk allows the skin to glide along the pillow so the face rests comfortably without placing pressure on creased skin, effectively ‘ironing in wrinkles’. Dr Sobel (New York’s leading dermatologist.)

Final verdict? After just a week our hair was visibly silkier, softer and our skin less puffy and smooth, without those annoying sleep creases. The silk pillowcase rumours are true it’s not just a magical fairy-tale… if you’re sleeping on silk there really is a way to get your ‘beauty’ sleep.

Why not try one and see for yourself? We promise once you have slept on silk you won’t go back.

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