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There’s a little bit in all of us that would like to think we have our life together. Or as some might say – ‘have our s**t together’. This got us thinking, how do we actually know if we do, or are we living in a state of denial just thinking we do….

We’ve all been through periods where we felt as though our life was all over the place. We aren’t enjoying our job; our love life is messy (or non-existent) and our priorities seem to be scattered.

The good news – as quickly as things can seem at their worst they can swiftly change for the better. In a very small amount of time everything can start to fall into place and suddenly – as if by magic, you’ve become someone who has got their s**t together.

Here are 20 sure-fire signs it’s happening to you…

1. Wearing matching underwear and not just on special occasions
2. Not waiting until you’ve run out of this matching underwear to do the laundry
3. Missing your first alarm and missing the gym but knowing you will make it up later in the week (and sticking to it)
4. Not having to lie about experience on your CV
5. No longer going on dates for the free drinks and dinner
6. Cooking enough dinner to have leftovers the next day
7. Knowing how to apply a streak free fake tan that everyone thinks is real
8. Having a savings account
9. No longer being scared to check your bank balance
10. Going food shopping and using all the food before it goes off in your fridge
11. After going shopping knowing how to use this food to make meals from scratch
12. Starting to care about your health and not just your appearance
13. Actually being active in your active wear
14. Having a five-drink rule and sticking to it
15. Not being glued to your mobile phone
16. Waking up to no awkward morning-after texts or Facebook posts
17. Ordering wine by names other than ‘house red’ and ‘house white’
18. Finding yourself giving your parents advice
19. Calling your parents for something other than bailing you out of a financial situation
20. Waking up on Sunday morning and knowing who you are, where you are, and who is lying next to you

If you’re reading this and sitting there all smug, thinking you relate to most of the list then good on you – you’re on your way to being a very composed, balanced human with it all figured out.

On the other hand, if you can’t relate to any of the above and are worried your life might be heading in a downward spiral check out these 5 easy, quick guaranteed life hacks that will help you get your s**t together fast!

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